La Grande Alliance is a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to plan and execute a 30-year infrastructure program that aims to facilitate the transportation of people and goods, and increase the value of natural resources by lowering their transportation costs.

La Grande Alliance will act as a hub organizing and overseeing the development of infrastructure, in the common interest of communities, First Nations, and public and private enterprises seeking to establish, consolidate or harmonize their presence in the territory.

Overall timeline

The program schedule presented below aims at giving an idea of the duration of La Grande Alliance. Phase completion years are estimated as any potential project will depend on the results of the Pre-Feasibility Study and the approval of all projects by communities.

For a timeline of steps leading to La Grande Alliance, including public presentations of the concept, you can visit the history of La Grande Alliance page.


Visualizing the future

The below map shows the existing infrastructure. You can click on each Phase to see its proposed features appear.