La Grande Alliance is a Memorandum of Understanding for collaboration and consolidation of socio-economic ties between the Cree Nation and Quebec government to connect, develop and protect the territory.


The LGA mandate has ended on March 31, 2024. The final reports are available here.

We are presenting a comprehensive plan to:

  • guarantee the long-term protection of the territory (protected areas),
  • improve the standard of living (housing, electricity and internet),
  • extend the transport network (rail, road, port and airport).

In the spirit of the Paix des Braves, our objective is to build a promising program for the strategic, predictable and sustainable development of the territory. This process was proposed by the Cree community, and strives to be a model for how First Nations, governments and private companies can work together on developing natural resources for the betterment of society.

Learn more about the history behind La Grande Alliance.


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Increase in freight transport by rail rather than by truck

Creation of a corridor of protected areas

Contribution to Quebec’s electrification

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Creation of jobs to meet demand for new projects

Increase in the value of Quebec’s natural resources by lowering transportation costs

Position Quebec at the center of the global mining sector, especially lithium

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Better integration of local communities in project development

Improvement of the local living environment and connections between communities

Better access to communication technologies

Learn more about the process and overall timeline of La Grande Alliance.