Protection as a pre-requisite to development

The Eeyou Istchee Conservation Strategy has many goals, including the creation of an interconnected network of areas of cultural and ecological importance and the sustainable preservation of wildlife populations. La Grande Alliance is based on the belief that development that is respectful of its environment and aims to use protection as a guiding principle might be viewed as acceptable by communities.


of the Eeyou Istchee James Bay territory is protected

A further 7%

of land is planned to be added to the protection list until 2030

22 people

are employed by the Cree nation government in the environment department

Managing different realities

Eeyou Istchee represents two environmental realities, divided by the commercial forestry limit. Below the limit, conservation approaches focus on protecting areas that remain intact or undisturbed by industrial activities. Above the limit, an opportunity still exists to build a network of key habitats, ecosystems and areas to maintain cultural and ecological integrity. The objective of La Grande Alliance is to protect areas everywhere on the territory, but especially to ensure that conservation of more untouched land remains a focus. The Eeyou Conservation Strategy can be found here:

Applying a conservation approach to development

Protecting the environment can happen through protection of land but is also connected to how projects are developed and operated. Infrastructure, as a tool for social and economic development, can be planned and built in a manner that is compatible with sustainable development to minimize impact on land and resources.

Fighting climate change

Climate change is a real threat and is impacting Eeyou Itschee more and more each season. The conservation strategy also aims to reduce the impact of climate change on local communities and those around the world. Eeyou Itschee is home to many natural resources which are strategic for the new and more sustainable economy, including waterpower and critical minerals, and is prepared to contribute to the global fight against climate change.