Who are the community information officers?

Community information officers act as the local antennas of LGA in Cree communities. CIOs are appointed by their communities to ensure participation and engagement in the studies and to confirm that issues and concerns raised by communities are heard and addressed in the studies.

Their tasks vary from hosting local radio shows to discuss the program, organizing public engagement sessions, overseeing Cree presence when study teams visit the land.

Community information officers – Contact information

CHISASIBIChristopher Herodier[email protected]
EASTMAINNorman Cheezo[email protected]
MISTISSINIErrol Mianscum[email protected] 
NEMASKAJohn Henry Wapachee[email protected]
OUJÉ-BOUGOUMOUSydney Coonishish[email protected]
WASHAW SIBI Adriana Trapper[email protected]
WASKAGANISHRaymond Blackned[email protected]
WASWANIPIEdward Diamond[email protected]
WEMINDJIDennis Georgekish[email protected]
WHAPMAGOOSTUIJohn Shem[email protected]